creative arts competition “brave to stride for new heights” (「感」創領域)

AcroGrowth team has assisted the organisation Charity Village to organise the creative arts competition “brave to stride for new heights” (「感」創領域). Reborn is a notion that intrinsically aligns with what Charity Village has placed firm belief in, where the organisation is determined to support local artist’s career so that they can actualise their dreams. Reborn is one of Charity Village’s large scale events. The name of the event utilises wordplay in a witty way, as the word “feel” and “dare” share the same pronunciation in Cantonese. This name’s connotation conveys that the courage and boldness that artists hold has the potential to be infectious to the mass, leaving traces of positive radiance in each and everyone the society. It is also reflective of the competition’s agenda, which is to encourage artists to revolutionise traditions and demonstrate rebirth artistically.

Before the announcement of the competition, we has implemented a survey to look into teenager’s intentions regarding creative arts entrepreneurship. He collected more than 1250 opinions, which illustrated the problems and their respective sources that a lot of teenage entrepreneurs encounter. A conference was held on the 27th of May on 2017 where reports and professionals were invited to understand modern entrepreneurship from teenage perspectives. Some professionals were invited to take up the post as creative arts ambassadors, which included the first vice chairman of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, general manager of 3 Kings Holding Limited, and well-known host Mr. Vinci Wong. They were in charge of delivering the insights gained from the survey. With the acknowledgment of problems that are bothering the teenage entrepreneurs, the following creative arts competition is set as an attempt to tackle the magnitude and the root cause of the problems. Due to the meaningful intentions behind, the competition has drawn widespread promotional efforts from media reports. 

Employing public recruitment system, creative artists with the will to participate can apply as individuals or in teams for the competition. Every participating unit is to have unique artistic visions and on a more technical level distinctive abilities. After the recruitment process, the participants must attend a meeting and a workshop, which the former announces shortlisted applicants. After revealing the shortlisted applicants, the format of the semi-finals will be announced to the participants, in which two participating units shall be combined into one team by the organisers. Through combining two unique artistic entities, the team will produce one product which align with current market trends. 

Mr. Wong , Chief Operating Officer of AcroGrowth Group, has invited Hong Kong Top Ten Networkers as the organising unit. He wishes that the members can be professional teachers in the competition, who will be in charge of participating in the discussions and tackling business problems the competitors encountered. Besides, he also invited entrepreneurs specialised in creative arts to participate as the art teachers, which serves to facilitate the competitor’s implementation of original ideas. They include the vice chairlady of the Hong Kong International Jewelry Association Miss Pinky Seung, interior designer Miss Hidie Chan and costume designer Mr. Ricky and more.