“Dreams do come true”– an election of Asia’s inspirational entrepreneurs

When Mr. Melon Wong, The Chief Operating Officer of AcroGrowth Group, was the chief editor of ThinkTank, he assisted in planning the brand’s meaningful event “Dreams do come true”, which is an election of Asia’s inspirational entrepreneurs. Mr. Wong believes that employing inspirational entrepreneurs as the main theme does not only serve to efficiently resonate with entrepreneurs from  ThinkTank’s perspective, it also had overwhelming potential to draw the public’s attention. Through the main theme, he also aspires to provide entrepreneurs who fought their way up with what they deserve: besides success, their hectic journey of ups and downs is what touches the hearts of many. The prize-giving ceremony of the election is going to be held in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for the many participating entrepreneurs. The requirements and qualifications for participating in the election are not high; entrepreneurs only need to submit a sharing of their experience to ThinkTank through photos or a piece of writing. ThinkTank would publish these submissions on their website and social media platforms, where the 5 winners are elected through an organised public voting system. 

The budget was low due to the fact that this event was for a large part held online. However, this event has contributed to the growing of ThinkTank’s member pool successfully, in which the new entrepreneur members included the successful start-up Songwifi, local jewellery businesses, Human Resource consultancy Firms, and Chinese entrepreneurs working abroad (America and Australia).

Through this event, ThinkTank has gained 1500 more likes, 100 more shares, and 200 more followers on its Facebook page, showcasing substantial promotional effects. The prize giving ceremony was sponsored by 2018 Digital Communications Festival by Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry, which facilitated securing the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre as the venue. Where there were competitors who flew from America and Guangzhou to Hong Kong to attend the event, Chairman of The Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry Mr. Zhang Yao Cheng, and ThinkTank founder Mr. Zheng Yongji gave speeches respectively. Mr. Melon Wong, as ThinkTank’s chief chief editor, also shared his experiences openly. 

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