CMP Marketing Solution (Creativity, Multimedia, Psychology)  

With the foremost goal of actualising business goals, Acrogrowth firmly believes that cutting through the noise and striving beyond the ordinary is the solid vision of an aspiring business plan in the globalised world. Under the CMP marketing solution, Creativity, Multimedia and Psychology is seen as three intertwined entities. Specifically, we direct our pursuit through infusing creativity into strategically-led marketing plans, and building business on research-based, objective psychological grounds. Through employing such a holistic yet integrated approach, innovative endeavors can surely go beyond target customers. 

To keep it simple, we synthesized a formula using our resourceful expertise: PIE To Close. To break it down, P+I+E+C=Profit, where each alphabet stands for an important stage for market expansion: P stands for Perfect Customer, I for Impression, E for Enquiry, and C for Close. 

P for Perfect Customer 

Customer acquisition often requires multiple prerequisites, of which market research has always been an essential catalyst. Working hand in hand with our expert team, we are determined to help our clients to uncover specific high-potential target markets. This is to be smoothly executed using our unique company tools that are backed by extensive research,such as meticulously crafted lists that are designed to pinpoint the epicentre of the customer pool. As an antecedent to the actualisation of business goals, this paves the way for targeted elevation of customer perception, which is implemented by I. 

I for Impression

Distinctiveness is driven by high awareness of market trends, keen insight on original solutions, and great global appreciation combined with local knowledge. We polish by branding from inside-out, with the ultimate aim to leave a lasting impression on targeted customers. As our CMP solution sheds light on integrating creativity with multi-media production and psychological elements, our team specialises in building presence through a multitude of ways, such as LinkedIn Management, designing personal logos and websites, producing promotional videos, and lining up interviews with media channels. In the age of a new information-seeking paradigm, our solutions cater to the mass’s demand for minimum investment of energy, providing added depth and breadth.

E for Enquiry

To ensure that the marketing plans carried out aligns with respective expectations, platforms of enquiry for potential customers have to be made salient and effective, to be updated on a regular basis. Putting an emphasis on bridging customers and brands, social engagements can be reinforced so meaningful connections exist seamlessly across all media touch points. We manage platforms such as Linkedin accounts and websites, and social media pages such as Facebook to create amazing happenings for customers to recall, relate to and share.

P.I.E. to Close

Setting the stage for success involves closing the deal. Employing a holistic and comprehensive approach, we believe that offline promotion has to be done concurrently with the aforementioned online marketing. This catalyses purchases and maximizes profit, specifically by securing the transaction by showcasing the products and services through large scale workshops, roadshows, and other activities. With the added assistance of sales leaders, closing the deal will be of great interest.