Photography and Video Production

Acrogrowth Marketing has a one-stop production team for production, directing, scriptwriting, shooting, lighting, and post-production. We also tailor-made the best media solution for our clients including storytelling, filming preparation, actors invitation, shooting, and post-production. We hope to provide the best and the most efficient one-stop service to our customers.

Cast: Elena Kong as Ko Wing-Nam, Yan Ng as Miss Wong, Sing Lam as Tsoi Chi-Nam, Kandy Cheung as Cindy, Sheldon Lo as Cindy’s husband, Alannah Ong as Mr. Cheung’s Mum

Video produced by Melon Wong from Acrogrowth Marketing: 《Schizophrenia》

Ko Wing-Nam is a psychiatrist who always wants to offer the best for her patients. She figures out that the public holds misconception towards patients with mental disorders. Miss Wong, a school social worker, suspects a student from her school (Tsoi Chi-Nam) suffers from schizophrenia and wants to refer him to the psychiatric department for treatment. However, this is strongly opposed by Tsoi’s mum. 

Meanwhile, she is informed by her sister Cindy’s husband that Cindy is suspected to have schizophrenia. Cindy’s unusual behaviors and thoughts put her family into a poor situation. 

Shortly afterward, Tsoi’s mother has an encounter with her son’s school teacher Mr. Cheung’s mother. Mr. Cheung is also a patient of Schizophrenia. After the talk, Tsoi’s mother knows more about Schizophrenia. 

Cast: Elena Kong as Ko Wing-Nam, Yan Ng as Miss Wong, Sing Lam as Tsoi Chi-Nam, Kandy Cheung as Cindy, Sheldon Lo as Cindy’s husband, Alannah Ong as Mr. Cheung’s Mum

Promo video of Resage – Produced by AcroGrowth Marketing

AcroGrowth Marketing has assisted Resage in inviting celebrity Miss Yan Ng as the ambassdor, and has contributed efforts creating the promotional video.The promotional video takes the perspective of Yan, and emphasises that Resage’s all natural revitalizing essence spray does not incorporate any harmful chemicals. This product is easy to use, and effectively serves an all quality purpose on the skin, which is a perfect match to fulfilling the goals of Yan: a celebrity, entrepreneur and a mother.

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The Photography Exhibition “ASHKTUM” – Hold by Melon Wong from AcroGrowth Marketing

“Ashktum” means I love you in Persian. The exhibition shows the love story between Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Empress Mumtaz Mahal. Mughal Empire was based in the Indian Subcontinent from 1526 to 1857 and established by Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babur who is descendant of Genghis Khan and Timur.

Besides photography, we used video to show the story. The video included Dance, Music, Styling and projection mapping. It brings visitors to experience the love story in the Mughal Empire.

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Graphic Design

Acrogrowth Marketing designed graphics that align with your marketing and branding strategies. We design LOGOs, name cards, posters, banners, User Interface for mobile applications, Websites, etc.

WEB Design

Acrogrowth Marketing develops user-friendly websites to enhance our clients’ brand image. Each website is designed with a back-end system that allows customers to modify and update the website effortlessly without any extra charge.
Our team design websites for all sorts of business including online store, business with paid membership system, corporate display site, etc.

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