AcroGrowth Marketing tailor-made comprehensive marketing plans and customised public relations strategies for our clients. Our projects usually starting with market researches and reports, followed by strategic planning sessions and finally plans implementation. We help your services and products enter the market in an effective and efficient manner; and help expand market share in the meantime. Through press conferences, media reports, events, product launches, social media marketing, SEO etc., we also help our clients build a unique brand image and deliver it to potential customers.

Market Research

It is always critical to position a market well, set up a competitive price, determine an appropriate sales location, and engage an effective promotional strategy. Our professional market research team provides our clients with the most accurate market information. 

Strategic Planning

After our comprehensive research, we will sit down with our clients for several strategic planning sessions. Throughout the process, we will set up directions, timelines, key checkpoints and KPIs to ensure that the marketing plans carried out later on align with the expectations and business goals of our clients. 

Event Planning
Our team provides one-stop services for our clients including event planning, license application, event promotion, guest invitation, artists cooperation, and event management. Our team has been working with a number of renowned brands and institutions – we held large scale events in Grade A shopping malls and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre; moreover, we cooperated with artists including Elena Kong, Fiona Sit, Yan Ng, Sheldon Lo, Coffee Lam, etc. Our team is experienced in event planning and has great connections for public relation campaigns.

Media Reporting Management
Our team creates media coverage programs which include press release writing, interview arrangement, and media exposure. Our projects have been interviewed and reported by various media in Hong Kong, including Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po, Oriental Daily, Apple Daily, Metropolitan Daily, etc. We deliver projects to the public effectively.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our team helps organizations doing corporate social responsibility successfully. We have worked with a number of charities including Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Twilight Park, Christian Hong Kong Lutheran Church, Buddhist Association, Hong Kong Disabled Persons’ Olympic Committee and Disabled Sports Association, Hong Kong Youth Dynamics Association, Hong Kong Chinese Culture The meeting, SENPHA charity, Hong Kong Chinese YMCA, etc

Social Media Management
Because of the emergence of social media, we no longer promote brands merely on mainstream media. In Hong Kong, Facebook is the most prominent social media platform with over 5 million active users; Facebook marketing can be highly cost-effective. Our marketing team works closely with the design team to deliver the most eye-catching and interactive social marketing solution to target customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We provide our clients with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services which enable our clients to achieve a higher ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Baidu. It makes target customers easier to access to our clients’ products and services when they are searching for relevant keywords online.