“Love is love” Charity Concert

“Love is love” is a charity concert professionally planned by Mr. Melon Wong who is the chief operating officer of AcroGrowth. With an aim to provide onstage performers an opportunity to showcase their support for people from different social sectors of the population, Mr. Wong aspires to utilise the power of music to encourage the public to love others with courage and passion, as everyone has full right and deserves to be loved despite their existing body size, race, sexuality or disabilities. The concert undertook a crowdfunding approach, where the entrance fee was first collected from the audience to be used as expenditure for venue renting and logistics of the concert. After eliminating the cost, the remaining profit will be used for charity purposes, specifically in promoting the message “Love is love” on future occasions. For those that were not able to attend the event or want to spread more love, they could choose to purchase and donate tickets through paired sponsorships to those that are in need (people with disabilities or single parents). This represents how love is given generously from one to another, as an invitation to participate in a concert and experience the support they cherish.

This concert began from zero– through sincere invitations, we were able to secure honorable guests and f performances, including the Hong Kong regional champion of The Voice China Hinry Lau, Miss Hong Kong 2013 Kendy Cheung, Internet Singer Kimby Chan, Joseph Tse, Music Ally and elements choir. The venue is the theatre of the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity. To promote the concert, Mr. Melon Wong planned and implemented the production of a promotion video, in which he invited Internet Singer Kimby Chan to write the song “Love is Love” for the event. The song was performed on the concert live.

The concert had an audience larger than 100. We also invited ethnic minorities from Caritas Hong Kong Community Development Service to perform, which serves to represent the ethnic community to promote the notion of equality. The fund founder of SENPHA Miss Wong, member of the Beijing Municipal Political Consultative Conference, and Chairman of Ample Hope Mr. Ho also attended as guests.


《愛是愛》慈善音樂會 表演片段逐一看

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