What is “Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence” and how to apply?

Recently, there has been an abundant supply of news reports surrounding the Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence. Acknowledging the societal significance of the matter, prime cases include how the artspace at 404 Shanghai Street which was forcefully put of of business, and how the Innovation and Technology Bureau necessitated local Cyber Games Arena’s compulsory […]

“Dreams do come true”– an election of Asia’s inspirational entrepreneurs

When Mr. Melon Wong, The Chief Operating Officer of AcroGrowth Group, was the chief editor of ThinkTank, he assisted in planning the brand’s meaningful event “Dreams do come true”, which is an election of Asia’s inspirational entrepreneurs. Mr. Wong believes that employing inspirational entrepreneurs as the main theme does not only serve to efficiently resonate […]

creative arts competition “brave to stride for new heights” (「感」創領域)

AcroGrowth team has assisted the organisation Charity Village to organise the creative arts competition “brave to stride for new heights” (「感」創領域). Reborn is a notion that intrinsically aligns with what Charity Village has placed firm belief in, where the organisation is determined to support local artist’s career so that they can actualise their dreams. Reborn […]

The Dodgeball Competition“Jumping For The True Self”

AcroGrowth has organised a sports competition “jumping for the true self”, featuring a unique crossover between dodgeball and trampoline for SENPHA charity and large scale trampoline park BOUNCE Inc HK. The aim of the event is to promote the positive mental health effects brought about by physical sports, where participants destress through the energetic match. […]

The “ASHKTUM” Photo Exhibition

The “ASHKTUM” photo exhibition is based on a jewellery series designed by Pinky Seung, founder of Headragon. This jewellery series exemplifies the great cultural significance of the Mughal Empire. As Pinky wishes to enrich the public’s knowledge of the empire’s rich history through effortful promotion, Mr. Melon Wong, the chief operating officer of AcroGrowth, has been commissioned to plan for the exhibition.