The Dodgeball Competition“Jumping For The True Self”

AcroGrowth has organised a sports competition “jumping for the true self”, featuring a unique crossover between dodgeball and trampoline for SENPHA charity and large scale trampoline park BOUNCE Inc HK. The aim of the event is to promote the positive mental health effects brought about by physical sports, where participants destress through the energetic match. The match is divided into the 5 categories: the open category, the business category, the college category, the secondary school category, and the celebrity category. While participants were recruited through online and email promotion, many celebrities have been involved in the production of the promotional video, such as 3Think, Alan Tse, Yan Ng, and To Zhi Chun.

On the day of the event, more than 100 participated. Besides secondary students and college students, businesses which participated included one of the four major international accounting firms, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, renowned engineering companies Legan Group and Kin Kan Eng Limited. Celebrities who participated included member of the Hong Kong National Basketball team and host of sport shows Cheuk Ting, Yuri Chan, Vangie Tan, Coffee Lam, Sheldon Lo, Alan Tse, and the band 3Think. Besides, Mr. Wong has invited the Caritas organisation to invite children from low-income families to participate free of charge. 

The competition took the form of melee mode, where the secondary school category, the open category and the business category compete with each other for a place to play against the celebrities. 

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